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I Have a Dream: Creating your Life Portfolio

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THANK YOU to all our dedicated and generous sponsors and contributors who play an important role in supporting our programs and projects.

With your partnership, we can continue to coordinate activities and build our community to enhance the educational environment and empower people with disabilities to realize their full potential and to make their marks in the workforce and society. Your support also helps give people with disabilities the same opportunity to showcase their skills through ongoing mentorship and job shadowing programs.

Inaugural Project Sponsors


  • Ronnell Rembert, B-Roll Productions, Inc.
    Provided video production for NDEAM/Nesbit project events
  • Flying Biscuit Catering
    Provided food for Parent Engagement Breakfast
  • Frank Morris
    United Parcel Services (UPS) Corporate Headquarters
    Atlanta, GA
    Provided cadres of volunteers for the NDEAM/Nesbit project launch
  • Mr. Michael Bernard
    DDSC, Inc (Designing, Decorating, Sewing Center, Inc.)
    260 Peachtree Street; Suite 2200
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Printed "I Have a Dream: Creating Your Life Portfolio" T-shirts
  • Jeimy Soto-Leon
    Volunteer Translator
  • Hannah Jablonski
    Volunteer Graphic Designer
    Created EPS vector files for project logos
  • Celestia Ohrazda
    Information Technology Consultant
    Burton Blatt Institute of Syracuse University
    Created EPS vector files for project logos
  • Marsha Schwanke
    Web Specialist
    Burton Blatt Institute of Syracuse University
    Designed and manages project website and logos