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I Have a Dream: Creating your Life Portfolio

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Project Abstract & Background

The pilot project, I Have a Dream: Creating your Life Portfolio is focused on prevention efforts as it will introduce and expose students with and without disabilities and their parents, through the arts and music, to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) along with the myriad of education and career options available to them beyond their K-12 educational years.

This a collaborative effort lead by the Southeast ADA Center, and included the following inaugural project sponsors: Nesbit Elementary School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Nesbit Elementary School PTA, Gwinnett County District Department of Education, and Disability Resource Group (DRG).

Nesbit Elementary School was chosen as the pilot site through its connection to staff of the Southeast ADA Center, the school's willingness to actively participate in the program, and its cultural diversity. Nesbit Elementary School has student population of 1,680 students. Eight percent (disclosed) of the students have a documented disability supported by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The student body is comprised of the following culturally diverse populations: (a) 72% Hispanic; (b) 18% African American; (c) 6% Asian; (d) 3% Caucasian; and (e) 1% Other.

The diversity of Nesbit's student body affords the Southeast ADA Center the important opportunity to directly serve students with disabilities and parents from diverse cultures. Feedback from these diverse groups will contribute to the cultural richness, diversity and sensitivity embedded in the final curriculum, and will serve as a model to be deployed in subsequent venues.

The pilot project consists of three components:

  1. Career Expo and Mentoring Day
  2. Parent Engagement Week
  3. Exceptional Children's Week

All project activities will be systematically documented and placed into a curriculum format that is shared across the region and nationally. The curricula will include resource materials with relevant and current information in best-practices, capacity building, resource development, and coalition building.

The Southeast ADA Center will provide substantive guidance and direction on implementing the curriculum and emerging trends and issues central to serving youth with disabilities at the elementary level.

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